What is Ving Tsun training like?

Ving Tsun training consists of forms, one person exercises, 2 person exercises as well as practical application. There are 3 empty hand forms – Siu Nim Tau (a little idea), Chum Kiu (seeking the bridge) and Biu Jee (darting fingers) – which promote strength, endurance and relaxation while simultaneously teaching fundamental structures, movements and principles which constitute the physical vocabulary of Ving Tsun. In addition to further serving these goals, the individual and two person exercises also help build the practitioner’s awareness of distance and timing. In addition, Ving Tsun is one of the systems that pioneered the use of the wooden dummy to enable a practitioner training without a partner to hone their ability to stick to an opponent, move efficiently around them while maintaining effective distance and time their strikes for maximum efficacy.

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