What is Ving Tsun?

Ving Tsun (aka Wing Chun) is a martial art system originating from southern China. It is known for its use of geometric principles (centerline theory) to create techniques which are simple, direct, and efficient. Through efficient use of good body structure, timing, and precision, Ving Tsun allows a smaller person to intercept and control a bigger, stronger attacker’s force. The art was introduced to the West by Grandmaster Ip Man, the subject of several movies in recent years and teacher of Bruce Lee.

Ving Tsun emphasizes a reality-based, self-defense oriented approach to martial training; however, it is not scenario-based training (if X happens, do Y). Rather it teaches a set of principles which the student can variously interpret and apply as the situation demands – the possibilities are limited only by one’s creativity. While Ving Tsun’s primary emphasis is on striking, the underlying principles of the art apply to other aspects of combat such as grappling and wrestling; and, Sifu Herbie incorporates study of these aspects into his students’ training. As such, Ving Tsun is a complete combat system that can be viewed as a traditional martial art antecedent to modern mixed martial arts (MMA).

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